Can I skip the foundation education of Part 1, and just buy the marketing & practice management series?

The technical training is required to unlock the marketing series & practice management course. We want you to be an expert in college planning before we teach you how to build a great practice around it.
We’re confident even the most experienced college planners will learn new strategies and techniques for helping clients.

What kind of tools, marketing materials and other extras do I get?

We are including some of our very best tools and resources including workflows, talking tracks for meetings with clients, presentation spreadsheets, college databases, and marketing guides with the courses.
Check out the “Get the Bonuses” section under the course description to see what’s included.

How can I get coaching and support when I have questions?

We’ve worked hard to create online-learning content that we think will put you among the top 1% of college planners in the country…seriously. If you want to learn more about applying to be a part of one of our exclusive group-coaching programs of elite college planners, click here.

Is there continuing education credit for the course?

The technical training is eligible for a total of 9 credits continuing (CE) education credits toward the CFP designation. You will be required to pass a quiz after each course module to earn CE credits.